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Points List for Taiga MOORE

View6th CPL Distance 2023-24DistanceSeedingApr 4, 2023Apr 4, 20247194878.99Details
View6th CPL Sprint 2023-24SprintSeedingApr 4, 2023Apr 4, 2024457987.84Details
View5th CPL Distance 2023-24DistanceSeedingMar 8, 2023Mar 8, 20247220178.99Details
View5th CPL Sprint 2023-24SprintSeedingMar 8, 2023Mar 8, 2024467687.84Details
View4th CPL Distance 2023-24DistanceSeedingFeb 7, 2023Feb 7, 20247231078.84Details
View4th CPL Sprint 2023-24SprintSeedingFeb 7, 2023Feb 7, 2024481586.73Details
View3rd CPL Distance 2023-24DistanceSeedingJan 18, 2023Jan 18, 20247263876.58Details
View3rd CPL Sprint 2023-24SprintSeedingJan 18, 2023Jan 18, 2024486086.15Details
View4th CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingJan 12, 2022Jan 12, 20237297976.69Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingJan 12, 2022Jan 12, 20234188280.98Details
View3rd CPL Distance 22-23DistanceSeedingDec 22, 2021Dec 22, 20227323975.29Details
View3rd CPL Sprint 22-23SprintSeedingDec 22, 2021Dec 22, 20224138384.26Details
View2nd CPL Distance 2022-23DistanceSeedingNov 25, 2021Nov 24, 20227336775.29Details
View2nd CPL Sprint 2022-23SprintSeedingNov 25, 2021Nov 24, 20224141984.26Details
View1st CPL 2022-23 DistanceDistanceSeedingNov 7, 2021Nov 7, 20227341675.29Details
View1st CPL 2022-23 SprintSprintSeedingNov 7, 2021Nov 7, 20224141984.26Details
View5th CPL Distance 2022DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Apr 4, 20227302480.93Details
View5th CPL Sprint 2022SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Apr 4, 20224141886.99Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Feb 21, 20224136786.99Details
View4th CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Feb 21, 20227285480.93Details
View3rd CPL 2022DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Jan 24, 20227275480.69Details
View3rd Sprint CPL 2022SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Jan 24, 20224128786.99Details
View2nd CPL - Men's DistanceDistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Dec 27, 20217264280.69Details
View2nd CPL - Men's SprintSprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Dec 27, 20214131186.34Details
View1st CPL Distance List 2021-22DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Nov 27, 20217248280.69Details
View1st CPL Sprint List 2021-22SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Nov 27, 20214121386.34Details
ViewFinal CPL Di 20-21 D2DistanceSeedingMay 1, 2019Apr 16, 20217233880.69Details
ViewFinal CPL Sp 20-21 V2SprintSeedingMay 1, 2019Apr 16, 20214115786.34Details
View2020 Final CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 20207246778.17Details
View5TH CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 20207285078.17Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 20207344576.09Details
View3rd CPL Di Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 20207415772.96Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Men DiDistanceSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 20197420472.96Details

Races for Taiga MOORE

ViewDartmouth Winter CarnivalDistanceFeb 10, 2024Oak Hill152244:15.080.86
ViewDartmouth Winter CarnivalSprintFeb 9, 2024Oak Hill1.322:31.0488.52
ViewUVM CarnivalDistanceJan 13, 2024Craftsbury Outdoor Center102828:06.384.5
ViewUVM CarnivalSprintJan 12, 2024Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.5183:22.6787.01
ViewUS Cross Country NationalsSprintJan 7, 2024Soldier Hollow1.5384:14.1187.03
ViewUS Cross Country NationalsSprintJan 4, 2024Soldier Hollow1.5433:26.3488.78
ViewUS Cross Country NationalsDistanceJan 2, 2024Soldier Hollow1010127:57.581.47
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)DistanceFeb 6, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center105329:52.680.73
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)DistanceFeb 5, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center109332:05.380.71
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)SprintFeb 4, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.6643:49.0883.49
View2022 L.L. Bean U.S. Cross Country Championships and SuperTourSprintJan 7, 2022Soldier Hollow1.3483:33.6086.32
View2022 L.L. Bean U.S. Cross Country Championships and SuperTourDistanceJan 6, 2022Soldier Hollow1511850:42.975.58
View2022 L.L. Bean U.S. Cross Country Championships and SuperTourDistanceJan 4, 2022Soldier Hollow107530:00.773.44
View2022 L.L. Bean U.S. Cross Country Championships and SuperTourSprintJan 2, 2022Soldier Hollow1.3923:31.9585.52
ViewTour de Sun ValleyDistanceMar 21, 2021Sun Valley153535:53.282.36
ViewTour de Sun ValleyDistanceMar 20, 2021Sun Valley103429:23.979.7
ViewTour de Sun ValleySprintMar 19, 2021Sun Valley1.4222:50.5987.19
ViewDU Invitational hosted by Ski and Snowboard Club VailDistanceJan 23, 2021Vail Mountain103433:21.477.51
ViewDU Invitational hosted by Ski and Snowboard Club VailDistanceJan 22, 2021Vail Mountain7.53421:56.781.47
ViewRMISA RacesDistanceJan 17, 2021Soldier Hollow, UT106924:57.179.88
ViewRMISA RacesSprintJan 16, 2021Soldier Hollow, UT1.5213:32.8486.93
ViewIMD/RMD FIS RaceDistanceJan 3, 2021Soldier Hollow, UT153250:57.079.85
ViewIMD/RMD FIS RaceSprintJan 2, 2021Soldier Hollow, UT1.5262:45.2587.52
ViewUniversity of Utah InvitationalDistanceFeb 15, 2020Soldier Hollow104626:58.980.35
ViewUniversity of Utah InvitationalDistanceFeb 14, 2020Soldier Hollow104824:00.379.61
ViewRMISA/RMN JNQDistanceJan 26, 2020Maloit Park, Minturn103529:04.280.63
ViewRMISA/RMN JNQDistanceJan 25, 2020Maloit Park, Minturn103936:16.475.26
ViewCU InvitationalDistanceJan 18, 2020Steamboat Ski and Resort / Howelsen Hill103731:59.480.28
ViewInterval Start Free TechniqueDistanceNov 30, 2019Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree10370:30:17.2077.62