Details for: Sadie Demars 42362 Club: Kimberley Nordic Ski Club Most Recent Season: 2022 / 2023

Points List for Sadie Demars

View2nd CPL Distance 2022-23DistanceSeedingNov 25, 2021Nov 24, 2022788381.43Details
View2nd CPL Sprint 2022-23SprintSeedingNov 25, 2021Nov 24, 2022487283.23Details
View1st CPL 2022-23 DistanceDistanceSeedingNov 7, 2021Nov 7, 2022787181.43Details
View1st CPL 2022-23 SprintSprintSeedingNov 7, 2021Nov 7, 2022486183.23Details
ViewAd Hoc Cdn Only 21-22 Season V2DistanceAdhocNov 1, 2021Apr 26, 202274381.43Details
ViewAd Hoc Cdn Only 21-22 Season V2SprintAdhocNov 1, 2021Apr 26, 202245283.23Details
View5th CPL Distance 2022DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Apr 4, 20227122281.43Details
View5th CPL Sprint 2022SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Apr 4, 20224126883.23Details
View4th CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Feb 21, 20227128680.33Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Feb 21, 20224156381.26Details
View3rd Sprint CPL 2022SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Jan 24, 20224189978.57Details
View3rd CPL Distance 2022DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Jan 24, 20227167777.27Details
View2nd CPL - Women's DistanceDistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Dec 27, 20217184475.76Details
View2nd CPL - Women's SprintSprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Dec 27, 20214260572.48Details
View1st CPL Distance List 2021-22DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Nov 27, 20217235571.53Details
View1st CPL Sprint List 2021-22SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Nov 27, 20214250469.37Details
ViewFinal CPL Di 20-21 D2DistanceSeedingMay 1, 2019Apr 16, 20217233071.53Details
ViewFinal CPL Sp 20-21 V2SprintSeedingMay 1, 2019Apr 16, 20214245569.37Details
Viewranking list FISU 2021 4 distDistanceAdhocApr 15, 2019Apr 15, 2020415373.94Details
Viewranking list FISU 2021 2 sprintSprintAdhocApr 15, 2019Apr 15, 2020219270.79Details
View2020 Final CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 20207201771.53Details
View2020 Final CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 20204207869.37Details
View5TH CPL Sprint ListSprintSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 20204232669.37Details
View5TH CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 20207303665.84Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 20207309365.84Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 20204229269.37Details
View3rd CPL Di Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 20207337162.75Details
View3rd CPL Sprint Seeding ListSprintSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 20204272455.51Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Women DiDistanceSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 20197347158.71Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Women SpSprintSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 20194279546.88Details
View1st Cdn Points List DistanceDistanceSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 20197336046.07Details
View1st Cdn Points List SprintSprintSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 20194262346.88Details
View6th End of Season CPL DiDistanceSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 20197324046.07Details
View6th End of Season CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 20194255346.88Details
Viewrising stars ad hoc listDistanceSeedingMar 20, 2018Mar 20, 20197326346.07Details
View5th CPL Women's DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 20197345046.07Details
View5th CPL Women's SprintSprintSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 20194263846.88Details
View4th CPL Sprint ListSprintSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 20194268446.88Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 20197362945.02Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionDistanceAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 20197355142.23Details
View3rd CPL Dist Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 17, 2018Jan 17, 20197361142.23Details
View2nd CPL Distance Seeding List RevisedDistanceSeedingDec 21, 2017Dec 21, 20187346042.23Details

Races for Sadie Demars

View2022 Canadian Champs D8 Mass StDistanceMar 27, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkFree1590:45:50.7081.07
View2022 Canadian Championships Team Sp QSprintMar 25, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkFree0.75930:01:32.2087.13
View2022 Canadian Championships Sprint Q ClSprintMar 24, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkClassic1150:02:58.2376.61
View2022 Canadian Championships Int ClDistanceMar 21, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkClassic5100:18:27.2080.63
View2022 Canadian Championships Int FDistanceMar 20, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkFree5740:14:26.7080.78
View2022 Teck BC Champs Int St FDistanceMar 5, 2022Otway NordicFree540:13:41.0081.6
View2022 Teck BC Champs Mass Start ClDistanceMar 4, 2022Otway NordicClassic1050:35:10.1079.59
ViewTeck BC Cup 2 Interval DistanceFeb 13, 2022Salmon ArmClassic620:20:34.8077.02
ViewTeck BC Cup 2 QualifierSprintFeb 12, 2022Salmon Arm0.820:01:45.5178.05
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)DistanceFeb 6, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center7.53522:10.381.32
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)DistanceFeb 5, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center106035:41.583.23
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)SprintFeb 4, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.6624:38.5180.61
ViewLake Placid SuperTour (Eastern Cup)DistanceJan 30, 2022Mt VanHoevenberg103034:02.381.02
ViewLake Placid SuperTour (Eastern Cup)SprintJan 29, 2022Mt VanHoevenberg1.4474:15.7380.74
ViewWJr U23 Trials -Sp Q - CLSprintJan 11, 2022CNCClassic1.3240:04:02.3484.45
ViewWJr U23 Trials - Int FDistanceJan 9, 2022CNCFree15360:47:08.5080.99
ViewWJr U23 Trials -Sp Q - FSprintJan 6, 2022CNCFree1.3400:03:55.4679.27
ViewWestern Canada Cup #4, Mass Start Free TechniqueDistanceDec 12, 2021Sovereign LkFree10140:31:15.7080.24
ViewWestern Canada Cup #3, Interval Start ClassicDistanceDec 11, 2021Sovereign LkClassic5210:19:43.2075.83
ViewWestern Canada Cup -Interval StartDistanceDec 5, 2021Sovereign LkClassic10260:34:16.5078.51
ViewWestern CC - Sprint QualifierSprintDec 4, 2021Sovereign LkFree1.3230:03:25.6978.05
View2020 Teck BC Championships Interval Start CLDistanceMar 7, 2020Telemark Nordic CentreClassic5190:17:04.3072.82
View2020 Teck BC Championships Mass Start FTDistanceMar 6, 2020West KelownaFree7.5310:26:26.1076.27
View2020 Teck Kootenay Champs Mass Start FreeDistanceFeb 9, 2020KimberleyFree6.630:22:47.0070.44
View2020 Teck Kootenay Champs Sprint Qualifier ClassicSprintFeb 8, 2020KimberleyClassic0.770:02:19.6269.05
View2020 Teck BC Cup #1 Interval Start FreeDistanceJan 5, 2020Salmon Arm, BCFree6240:19:28.3076.22
View2020 Teck BC Cup #1 Sprint QualifierSprintJan 4, 2020Salmon Arm, BC0.8310:02:18.3572.53
ViewSunday - Haywood NorAm Interval Start Free - Presented by Trail Sports and LorpenDistanceDec 8, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreFree4110:16:01.9069.66
ViewSaturday - Haywood NorAM YOG Trial Interval Start Classic - Presented by Rocky Mountain Ski LodgeDistanceDec 7, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreClassic540:19:26.9061.31
ViewMass Start Classic TechniqueDistanceDec 1, 2019Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic5140:21:52.0069.12
ViewInterval Start Free TechniqueDistanceNov 30, 2019Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree5170:18:41.2066.2
View2019 Teck BC Champs: Interval Start Free - SaturdayDistanceMar 2, 2019Larch HillsFree3.7530:11:28.4047.96
View2019 Teck BC Champs: Mass Start Classic - FridayDistanceMar 1, 2019Larch HillsClassic4.6160:18:11.7045.61
View2019 Western Canadians Mass Start CLDistanceFeb 9, 2019West KelownaClassic5170:19:17.7048.26
View2019 Western Canadians Sprint QualifierSprintFeb 8, 2019West Kelowna0.8170:01:10.5848.83
ViewTeck BC Cup #2- Day 2- Mass Start Free TechniqueDistanceJan 27, 2019REVELSTOKEFree3.7520:12:51.3048.48
ViewTeck BC Cup #2- Day 1- Classic SprintSprintJan 26, 2019REVELSTOKEClassic0.350140:00:54.7346.84
View2018 Interval Start Classic Technique Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDistanceDec 9, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic2.5140:11:38.7041.6
View2018 Mass Start Free Technique Haywood NorAmDistanceDec 8, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree2.540:08:55.7047.31