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Points List for Katharine OGDEN

View5th CPL Distance 2022DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Apr 4, 202276396.07Details
View5th CPL Sprint 2022SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Apr 4, 2022416094.16Details
View4th CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Feb 21, 202275796.07Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Feb 21, 2022416094.14Details
View3rd Sprint CPL 2022SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Jan 24, 2022415394.11Details
View3rd CPL Distance 2022DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Jan 24, 202275596.04Details
View2nd CPL - Women's DistanceDistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Dec 27, 202175695.83Details
View2nd CPL - Women's SprintSprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Dec 27, 2021418093.28Details
View1st CPL Distance List 2021-22DistanceSeedingJul 1, 2019Nov 27, 202175195.83Details
View1st CPL Sprint List 2021-22SprintSeedingJul 1, 2019Nov 27, 2021418292.94Details
ViewFinal CPL Di 20-21 D2DistanceSeedingMay 1, 2019Apr 16, 202175195.83Details
ViewFinal CPL Sp 20-21 V2SprintSeedingMay 1, 2019Apr 16, 2021418192.94Details
View2020 Final CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 202077493.77Details
View2020 Final CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 8, 2019Apr 8, 2020413592.94Details
View5TH CPL Sprint ListSprintSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 2020416092.94Details
View5TH CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingMar 2, 2019Mar 2, 202079693.77Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 2020710493.37Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingFeb 14, 2019Feb 14, 2020418392.58Details
View3rd CPL Di Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 2020710293.29Details
View3rd CPL Sprint Seeding ListSprintSeedingJan 21, 2019Jan 21, 2020415793.01Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Women DiDistanceSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 2019712892.63Details
View2nd CPL Seeding List Women SpSprintSeedingDec 26, 2018Dec 26, 2019413293.58Details
View1st Cdn Points List DistanceDistanceSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 2019715891.99Details
View1st Cdn Points List SprintSprintSeedingNov 22, 2018Nov 22, 2019419392.32Details
View6th End of Season CPL DiDistanceSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 2019714191.99Details
View6th End of Season CPL SprintSprintSeedingApr 16, 2018Apr 16, 2019419292.32Details
Viewrising stars ad hoc listDistanceSeedingMar 20, 2018Mar 20, 2019714792.12Details
View5th CPL Women's DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 2019713792.62Details
View5th CPL Women's SprintSprintSeedingMar 7, 2018Mar 7, 2019414593.43Details
View4th CPL Sprint ListSprintSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019414193.43Details
View4th CPL Distance ListDistanceSeedingFeb 15, 2018Feb 15, 2019713692.62Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionDistanceAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 2019712692.52Details
View4th Period Reg SelectionSprintAdhocFeb 5, 2018Feb 5, 2019413093.43Details
View3rd CPL Dist Seeding ListDistanceSeedingJan 17, 2018Jan 17, 2019714292.33Details
View3rd CPL Sprint Seeding ListSprintSeedingJan 17, 2018Jan 17, 2019420492.16Details
View2nd CPL Distance Seeding List RevisedDistanceSeedingDec 21, 2017Dec 21, 2018725190.06Details
View2nd CPL 2018-19 Sprint Seeding List RevisedSprintSeedingDec 21, 2017Dec 21, 2018438188.73Details
View1st Di CPL 2018-19DistanceSeedingNov 22, 2017Nov 22, 2018714192.61Details
View1st Sp CPL 2018-19SprintSeedingNov 22, 2017Nov 22, 2018424091.27Details
ViewCPL 2018 End of SeasonDistanceSeedingApr 9, 2017Apr 9, 2018718691.46Details
ViewCPL 2018 End of SeasonSprintSeedingApr 9, 2017Apr 9, 2018433289.24Details
ViewCPL Dist List #6DistanceSeedingFeb 28, 2017Feb 28, 2018735788.64Details
ViewCPL Sprint List #6SprintSeedingFeb 28, 2017Feb 28, 2018450786.84Details
ViewCPL Dist List #5DistanceSeedingFeb 8, 2017Feb 8, 2018734388.64Details
ViewCPL Sprint List #5 WomenSprintSeedingFeb 8, 2017Feb 8, 2018449286.84Details
ViewCPL v2 Distance ListDistanceSeedingJan 26, 2017Jan 26, 2018722191.09Details
ViewCPL Sprint List #4SprintSeedingJan 26, 2017Jan 26, 2018450586.84Details
View2018 CPL Di Seeding List #3DistanceSeedingDec 23, 2016Dec 23, 2017713293.01Details
View2018 CPL Sp Seeding List #3SprintSeedingDec 22, 2016Dec 22, 2017449286.96Details
View2018 CPL Sp Seeding List #2SprintSeedingNov 23, 2016Nov 23, 2017448686.72Details
View2018 CPL Di Seeding List #2DistanceSeedingNov 23, 2016Nov 23, 201779493.96Details
View7th Seeding Points List FinalDistanceSeedingApr 9, 2016Apr 9, 201777894.49Details
View7th Seeding Points List Final2SprintSeedingApr 9, 2016Apr 9, 2017424790.68Details
View6th Canadian Seeding ListDistanceSeedingMar 10, 2016Mar 10, 201776594.89Details
View6th Canadian Seeding ListSprintSeedingMar 10, 2016Mar 10, 2017422390.71Details
View5th Seeding CPLDistanceSeedingFeb 16, 2016Feb 16, 201776994.89Details
View5th Seeding CPLSprintSeedingFeb 16, 2016Feb 16, 2017420091.44Details
View4th Cdn PtsDistanceSeedingJan 27, 2016Jan 27, 201777694.61Details
View4th Cdn PtsSprintSeedingJan 27, 2016Jan 27, 2017420691.5Details
View3rd CPL SprintSprintSeedingDec 20, 2015Dec 20, 2016419791.65Details
View3rd Cdn CPL WomenDistanceSeedingDec 20, 2015Dec 20, 201677994.33Details
View2nd CDN Pts 2016-17SprintSeedingNov 24, 2015Nov 24, 2016418091.65Details
View2nd CDN Pts 2016-17DistanceSeedingNov 24, 2015Nov 24, 201678593.73Details
ViewWomen's 1st Per 2016-17SprintSeedingOct 25, 2015Oct 25, 2016418991.65Details
View2016 Final Seeding ListDistanceSeedingApr 30, 2015Apr 30, 2016710492.93Details
View2016 Final Seeding ListSprintSeedingApr 30, 2015Apr 30, 2016426090.19Details
View5th CPLDistanceSeedingApr 4, 2015Apr 4, 201679792.93Details
View5th CPLSprintSeedingApr 4, 2015Apr 4, 2016425190.12Details
View4th CPL DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 16, 2015Mar 16, 201679393.09Details
View4th CPL SprintSprintSeedingMar 16, 2015Mar 16, 2016425890.12Details
View3rd CPL Seeding DistDistanceSeedingFeb 12, 2015Feb 12, 2016713691.67Details
View3rd CPL Seeding SprintSprintSeedingFeb 12, 2015Feb 12, 2016430289.66Details
ViewSTC2016 Ranking YTDSprintSelectionNov 27, 2015Feb 11, 2016324689.84Details
ViewSTC2016 Ranking YTDDistanceSeedingNov 27, 2015Feb 11, 2016511191.61Details
View2nd CPL 2015-16DistanceSeedingDec 22, 2014Dec 22, 2015714392.09Details
View2nd CPL 2015-16SprintSeedingDec 22, 2014Dec 22, 2015434088.86Details
View1st CPL 2015-16DistanceSeedingNov 26, 2014Nov 26, 2015714092.14Details
View1st CPL 2015-16SprintSeedingNov 26, 2014Nov 26, 2015430589.67Details
View2015 CPL 6th Period FinalDistanceSeedingApr 4, 2014Apr 4, 2015711291.95Details
View2015 CPL 6th Period FinalSprintSeedingApr 4, 2014Apr 4, 2015431389.67Details
ViewCPL 5th Period UpdatedDistanceSeedingMar 9, 2014Mar 9, 2015713491.95Details
ViewCPL 5th Period UpdatedSprintSeedingMar 9, 2014Mar 9, 2015431789.67Details
ViewPer 4 CPL DistDistanceSeedingFeb 13, 2014Feb 13, 2015714891.95Details
ViewPer 4 CPL SprintSprintSeedingFeb 13, 2014Feb 13, 2015432189.67Details
ViewPer 3 CPL 14-15 DistDistanceSeedingJan 22, 2014Jan 22, 2015716391.2Details
ViewPer 3 CPL 14-15 SprintSprintSeedingJan 22, 2014Jan 22, 2015431089.67Details
ViewPer 2 CPL 14-15 DistDistanceSeedingJan 2, 2014Jan 2, 2015717190.64Details
ViewPer 2 CPL 14-15 SprintSprintSeedingJan 2, 2014Jan 2, 2015436388.68Details
ViewPer 1 CPL 14-15 DistDistanceSeedingNov 27, 2013Nov 27, 2014725089.54Details
ViewPER 1 CPL14-15 SprintSprintSeedingNov 27, 2013Nov 27, 2014453786.86Details
ViewPeriod 5 CPL DistanceSeedingApr 7, 2013Apr 7, 2014726188.91Details
ViewPeriod 5 CPL SprintSeedingApr 7, 2013Apr 7, 2014453186.42Details
ViewPer 4 CPL Distance WomV2DistanceSeedingMar 11, 2013Mar 11, 2014729988.43Details
ViewPer 4 CPL Sprint WomV2SprintSeedingMar 11, 2013Mar 11, 2014454386.42Details
ViewPer 3 Sprint CPLSprintSeedingJan 28, 2013Jan 28, 2014457486.19Details
ViewPeriod 3 Distance CPLDistanceSeedingJan 27, 2013Jan 27, 2014749185.39Details
ViewPeriod 2 CPLDistanceSeedingDec 31, 2012Dec 31, 2013775481.04Details
ViewPeriod 2 CPLSprintSeedingDec 31, 2012Dec 31, 2013496881.13Details
ViewPeriod 1 CPLDistanceSeedingNov 29, 2012Nov 29, 2013781981.04Details
ViewPeriod 1 CPLSprintSeedingNov 29, 2012Nov 29, 20134102681.13Details

Races for Katharine OGDEN

View2022 Canadian Champs D8 Mass StDistanceMar 27, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkFree4582:04:51.6091.64
View2022 Canadian Championships Team Sp QSprintMar 25, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkFree0.75200:01:26.5292.85
View2022 Canadian Championships Sp Q ClSprintMar 23, 2022Whistler Olympic ParkClassic1.250:03:21.1093.72
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceMar 5, 2022Oslo30371:25:16.993.27
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceFeb 27, 2022Lahti104327:09.290.17
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupSprintFeb 26, 2022Lahtix503:41.9490.44
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)DistanceFeb 6, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center7.51120:03.589.88
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)DistanceFeb 5, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center10130:59.895.83
ViewThe Henchey Cup (SuperTour, Eastern Cup, UVM Carnival)SprintFeb 4, 2022Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.6104:09.5089.98
ViewLake Placid SuperTour (Eastern Cup)DistanceJan 30, 2022Mt VanHoevenberg10529:37.493.09
ViewLake Placid SuperTour (Eastern Cup)SprintJan 29, 2022Mt VanHoevenberg1.413:40.4993.64
ViewSun Valley InvitationalDistanceJan 16, 2022Lake Creek Nordic Center10230:30.796.29
ViewSun Valley InvitationalDistanceJan 15, 2022Lake Creek Nordic Center5415:20.694.83
View2022 L.L. Bean U.S. Cross Country Championships and SuperTourSprintJan 7, 2022Soldier Hollow1.313:51.7993.51
View2022 L.L. Bean U.S. Cross Country Championships and SuperTourDistanceJan 6, 2022Soldier Hollow10229:05.494.05
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 3, 2022Val di Fiemme103132:08.792.97
ViewFIS Tour de SkiSprintJan 1, 2022Oberstdorfx262:44.9195.33
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceDec 31, 2021Oberstdorf103222:27.595.81
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceDec 29, 2021Lenzerheide103528:51.494.32
ViewFIS Tour de SkiSprintDec 28, 2021Lenzerheidex553:14.7493.77
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceDec 12, 2021Davos104325:28.693.38
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupSprintDec 11, 2021Davosx643:02.2390.03
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceDec 4, 2021Lillehammer105629:36.091.13
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupSprintDec 3, 2021Lillehammerx613:31.4890.92
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceNov 28, 2021Ruka104128:16.990.75
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceNov 27, 2021Ruka103826:27.792.98
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupSprintNov 26, 2021Rukax523:11.0893.8
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceMar 14, 2021Engadin30361:31:08.496.67
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceMar 13, 2021Engadin103326:59.193.68
ViewFIS Nordic World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceMar 6, 2021Oberstdorf30371:36:27.089.4
ViewFIS Nordic World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 27, 2021Oberstdorf153243:20.489.62
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceJan 30, 2021Falun104227:46.293.46
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceJan 29, 2021Falun104826:09.090.31
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 10, 2021Val di Fiemme102439:20.193.65
ViewFIS Tour de SkiSprintJan 9, 2021Val di Fiemmex363:29.3192.02
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 8, 2021Val di Fiemme101931:47.896.27
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 6, 2021Toblach102030:13.595.92
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 5, 2021Toblach101826:31.495.63
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 3, 2021Val Müstair102227:48.795.67
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 2, 2021Val Müstair102331:41.695.2
ViewFIS Tour de SkiSprintJan 1, 2021Val Müstairx493:50.9391.92
ViewFIS Cross-Country World Cup - DAVOS NORDICDistanceDec 13, 2020Davos102226:43.293.99
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceNov 29, 2020Ruka105127:30.791.27
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceNov 28, 2020Ruka105627:57.590.15
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupSprintNov 27, 2020Rukax663:21.7188.24
ViewNCAA ChampionshipsDistanceMar 12, 2020Crosscut Mountain Sports Center, Montana5413:40.292.18
ViewFIS Ski Tour 2020DistanceFeb 23, 2020Trondheim154346:08.490.17
ViewFIS Ski Tour 2020SprintFeb 22, 2020Trondheimx373:37.9393.09
ViewFIS Ski Tour 2020DistanceFeb 20, 2020Merakerx421:35:22.690.78
ViewFIS Ski Tour 2020SprintFeb 18, 2020Arex592:40.8884.26
ViewFIS Ski Tour 2020DistanceFeb 16, 2020�stersund105428:44.895.45
ViewFIS Ski Tour 2020DistanceFeb 15, 2020�stersund105324:37.790.17
ViewCraftsbury Super Tour, UVM Carnival and Eastern Cup 2DistanceJan 26, 2020Craftsbury Outdoor Center10131:18.493.16
ViewCraftsbury Super Tour, UVM Carnival and Eastern Cup 2DistanceJan 25, 2020Craftsbury Outdoor Center5414:08.491.28
ViewCraftsbury Super Tour, UVM Carnival and Eastern Cup 2SprintJan 24, 2020Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.533:57.0892.8
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 5, 2020Val di Fiemme102138:08.191.2
ViewFIS Tour de SkiSprintJan 4, 2020Val di Fiemmex323:19.6292.43
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 3, 2020Val di Fiemme102831:04.893.74
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceJan 1, 2020Toblach103828:58.892.66
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceDec 31, 2019Toblach103425:33.993.37
ViewFIS Tour de SkiSprintDec 29, 2019Lenzerheidex603:28.6991.46
ViewFIS Tour de SkiDistanceDec 28, 2019Lenzerheide104230:15.193.56
ViewSun Valley Super TourDistanceDec 15, 2019Lake Creek Nordic Center10227:15.293.32
ViewSun Valley Super TourSprintDec 14, 2019Lake Creek Nordic Center1.223:49.4593.44
ViewSunday - Haywood NorAm Interval Start Free - Presented by Trail Sports and LorpenDistanceDec 8, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreFree1020:30:19.0092.16
ViewSaturday - Haywood NorAM YOG Trial Interval Start Classic - Presented by Rocky Mountain Ski LodgeDistanceDec 7, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreClassic510:14:58.1093.77
ViewQualifier - Alta Gas Sprint Youth Olympic Games TrialSprintDec 6, 2019Canmore Nordic CentreFree1.360:03:11.7891.67
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceMar 24, 2019Québec105426:01.889.68
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupDistanceMar 23, 2019Québec104228:32.890.59
ViewFIS Cross-Country World CupSprintMar 22, 2019QuébecX603:51.8588.69
ViewNCAA ChampsDistanceMar 8, 2019Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT15146:25.792.63
ViewNCAA ChampsDistanceMar 6, 2019Trapp Family Lodge, Stowe, VT5413:34.591.61
ViewLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergDistanceJan 27, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic Sports10336:27.892.05
ViewLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergSprintJan 26, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic Sports1.533:51.7994.49
ViewLake Placid Supertour and Eastern Cup at Mt. Van HoevenbergDistanceJan 25, 2019Mt. Van Hoevenerg at the Olympic Sports5315:17.891.79
View2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsDistanceJan 6, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor Center2091:01:52.992.07
View2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsSprintJan 4, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.573:59.1494.72
View2019 Cross Country Ski National ChampionshipsDistanceJan 3, 2019Craftsbury Outdoor Center10731:55.292.41
ViewNENSA Eastern Cup Opener at the Craftsbury Outdoor CenterDistanceDec 23, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor Center5513:27.790.48
ViewNENSA Eastern Cup Opener at the Craftsbury Outdoor CenterSprintDec 22, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.373:29.0390.7
View2018 Interval Start Classic Technique Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDistanceDec 9, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic1060:32:19.8091.37
View2018 Sprint Qualifier Free Technique Haywood NorAm/US Super TourSprintDec 8, 2018Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree1.2140:02:51.9389.38
ViewU.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Finals and Long Distance National ChampionshipsDistanceMar 24, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor Center10627:06.494.64
ViewU.S. Ski and Snowboard SuperTour Finals and Long Distance National ChampionshipsSprintMar 23, 2018Craftsbury Outdoor Center1.31103:52.493.82
ViewNCAA Skiing ChampionshipsDistanceMar 10, 2018Steamboat Ski and Resort / Howelsen Hill15143:21.991.76
ViewNCAA Skiing ChampionshipsDistanceMar 8, 2018Steamboat Ski and Resort / Howelsen Hill5114:47.293.6
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 5, 2018Kincaid Park, Anchorage1.34203:40.1285.68
View2017 Interval Start Free Haywood NorAm/US Super TourDistanceDec 10, 2017Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree1040:28:03.1092.87
View2017 Sprint Qualifier Classic Haywood NorAm/US Super TourSprintDec 9, 2017Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreClassic1.3170:03:10.5589.26
ViewSuperTour OpenerDistanceDec 3, 2017Rendezvous Ski Trails10530:42.093.75
ViewSuperTour OpenerSprintDec 2, 2017Rendezvous Ski Trails1.31703:03.5788.21
ViewFIS Nordic Junior World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 3, 2017Soldier Hollow10327:27.795.21
ViewFIS Nordic Junior World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 1, 2017Soldier Hollow5513:07.293.81
View2017 L.L.Bean U.S. Cross Country Ski ChampionshipsDistanceJan 10, 2017Soldier Hollow, UT20201:02:22.794.27
View2017 L.L.Bean U.S. Cross Country Ski ChampionshipsDistanceJan 7, 2017Soldier Hollow, UT10427:20.693.8
ViewEasternCup OpenerDistanceDec 17, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor Center5618:25.987.58
View2016 Haywood NorAm & USSA SuperTour Interval StartDistanceDec 11, 2016Sovereign Lake Nordic CentreFree1020:30:56.3093.75
ViewSuperTourDistanceDec 4, 2016Rendezvous Ski Trails10234:00.593.75
ViewSuperTourSprintDec 3, 2016Rendezvous Ski Trails1.5143:16.3489.4
ViewSuperTourSprintDec 3, 2016Rendezvous Ski Trails1.515
ViewYellowstone Ski FestivalDistanceNov 26, 2016Rendezvous Ski Trails5313:17.191.7
ViewYellowstone Ski FestivalDistanceNov 25, 2016Rendezvous Ski Trails5111:45.093.08
ViewANCDistanceSep 10, 2016Snow Farm10431:20.696.85
ViewANCSprintSep 9, 2016Snow Farmx403:15.495.66
ViewANCSprintSep 9, 2016Snow Farmx4
View2016 SuperTour Finals and 30/50k National ChampionshipDistanceMar 26, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT30151:38:54.089.34
View2016 SuperTour Finals and 30/50k National ChampionshipSprintMar 22, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT1.518
View2016 SuperTour Finals and 30/50k National ChampionshipSprintMar 22, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT1.5163:52.8789.82
View2016 SuperTour Finals and 30/50k National ChampionshipDistanceMar 21, 2016Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT101727:11.189.46
ViewSki Tour CanadaDistanceMar 12, 2016Ski Tour Canada60362:58:43.590.32
ViewSki Tour Canada2016DistanceMar 12, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreClassic10150:34:57.9096.54
ViewSki Tour Canada2016DistanceMar 11, 2016Canmore Nordic CentreFree10340:25:30.5092.09
ViewSki Tour Canada 2016DistanceMar 9, 2016Canmore Nordic Centre15320:42:57.4093.28
ViewSki Tour Canada2016SprintMar 8, 2016CNCClassic1.5540:04:14.1188.55
ViewSki Tour Canada2016DistanceMar 5, 2016Quebec CityFree10490:26:34.8091.97
ViewSki Tour Canada 2016SprintMar 4, 2016Quebec CityFree1.6640:04:08.7889.57
ViewSki Tour Canada 2016DistanceMar 2, 2016MontrealClassic10.5590:36:24.5084.83
ViewSki Tour Canada 2016SprintMar 1, 2016GatineauFree1.6620:03:55.6790.71
ViewFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 25, 2016Rasnov101324:41.290.54
ViewFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 23, 2016Rasnov51316:30.886.6
ViewSupertour/EasternCup race weekendDistanceJan 31, 2016Mt. Van Hoevenberg at the Olympic Sports10533:14.590.6
ViewSupertour/EasternCup race weekendSprintJan 30, 2016Mt. Van Hoevenberg at the Olympic Sports1.4123:47.7589.8
ViewSupertour/EasternCup race weekendSprintJan 30, 2016Mt. Van Hoevenberg at the Olympic Sports1.415
ViewEastern Cup race weekendDistanceJan 16, 2016Waterville5312:16.390.35
ViewU.S Cross Country Championships.SprintJan 9, 2016Houghton, MI174:29.3190.41
ViewU.S Cross Country Championships.SprintJan 9, 2016Houghton, MI18
ViewU.S Cross Country Championships.DistanceJan 7, 2016Houghton, MI2031:01:11.393.06
ViewU.S Cross Country Championships.SprintJan 4, 2016Houghton, MI1.532
ViewU.S Cross Country Championships.SprintJan 4, 2016Houghton, MI1.5324:10.3489.01
ViewU.S Cross Country Championships.DistanceJan 3, 2016Houghton, MI10430:03.590.77
ViewEastern Cup race weekendDistanceDec 20, 2015Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT5414:34.391.27
ViewEastern Cup race weekendSprintDec 19, 2015Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT1.364:44.2087.55
ViewEastern Cup race weekendSprintDec 19, 2015Craftsbury Outdoor Center, VT1.33
ViewSun Valley Super TourDistanceDec 6, 2015Lake Creek Nordic Center, ID10732:37.690.17
ViewSun Valley Super TourSprintDec 5, 2015Lake Creek Nordic Center, ID1.311
ViewSun Valley Super TourSprintDec 5, 2015Lake Creek Nordic Center, ID1.3103:45.1989.41
ViewYellowstone Ski FestivalDistanceNov 28, 2015Rendezvous Ski Trails, MT10127:07.092.33
ViewYellowstone Ski FestivalSprintNov 27, 2015Rendezvous Ski Trails, MT1.3223:14.2986.64
ViewYellowstone Ski FestivalSprintNov 27, 2015Rendezvous Ski Trails, MT1.319
ViewSuper Tour Spring Series/US NationalsDistanceMar 26, 2015Sun Valley, ID30101:51:25.591.24
ViewSuper Tour Spring Series/US NationalsSprintMar 22, 2015Sun Valley, ID1333:00.0285.75
ViewSuper Tour Spring Series/US NationalsDistanceMar 21, 2015Sun Valley, ID10530:01.692.4
ViewSlavic CupDistanceFeb 15, 2015Nove Mesto na Morave10428:38.390.4
ViewSlavic CupSprintFeb 14, 2015Nove Mesto na Morave1.8142:58.587.03
ViewSlavic CupSprintFeb 14, 2015Nove Mesto na Morave1.810
ViewFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 6, 2015Almaty10627:16.091.49
ViewFIS Junior/U23 World Ski ChampionshipsDistanceFeb 4, 2015Almaty51113:51.490.42
ViewUVM CarnivalDistanceJan 24, 2015Stowe, VT10231:48.492.48
ViewUVM CarnivalDistanceJan 23, 2015Stowe, VT5113:55.592.46
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 10, 2015Houghton, MI116
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 10, 2015Houghton, MI1144:34.4488.36
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsDistanceJan 8, 2015Houghton, MI5115:35.886.68
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 5, 2015Houghton, MI17
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 5, 2015Houghton, MI1115:27.3490.13
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsDistanceJan 4, 2015Houghton, MI10631:19.192.19
ViewUSSA FIS RaceDistanceDec 21, 2014Ripton, VTFree1010:25:43.4091.12
ViewDistanceDec 21, 2014Ripton, Vt10125:43.491.12
ViewDistanceDec 20, 2014Ripton, Vt5114:55.091.19
ViewSuper TourDistanceDec 7, 2014Bozeman, MT10332:09.989.23
ViewSuper TourSprintDec 6, 2014Bozeman, MT1144:07.0588.63
ViewSuper TourSprintDec 6, 2014Bozeman, MT110
ViewSuper TourDistanceNov 29, 2014West Yellowstone, WY10227:08.292.72
ViewSuper TourSprintNov 28, 2014West Yellowstone, WY1153:02.7191.56
ViewSuper TourSprintNov 28, 2014West Yellowstone, WY116
ViewChampionnat de FranceDistanceMar 29, 2014Premanon7.5119:31.987.31
ViewChampionnat de FranceSprintMar 28, 2014Premanon1.31
ViewChampionnat de FranceSprintMar 28, 2014Premanon1.334:13.8583.24
View5 Nations TrophyDistanceMar 26, 2014Passo Lavazè52111:09.090.23
ViewSchweizermeisterschaftenDistanceMar 22, 2014Leysin15543:55.685.38
ViewSchweizermeisterschaftenSprintMar 21, 2014Leysin1.21403:42.6686.34
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourDistanceMar 16, 2014Craftsbury, VT10630:47.889.01
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourSprintMar 15, 2014Craftsbury, VT184:04.0383.27
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourSprintMar 15, 2014Craftsbury, VT18
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourDistanceMar 14, 2014Craftsbury, VT3.5311:46.189.85
ViewScandinavian CupDistanceFeb 9, 2014Meraaker20220:56:04.589.59
ViewScandinavian CupDistanceFeb 7, 2014Meraaker10350:27:32.887.67
ViewNordic Junior Ski CompetitionSprintFeb 2, 2014Rovaniemix13
ViewNordic Junior Ski CompetitionSprintFeb 2, 2014Rovaniemix92:50.584.56
ViewNordic Junior Ski CompetitionDistanceFeb 1, 2014Rovaniemi5816:15.781.47
ViewUniversity of New Hampshire CarnivalDistanceJan 24, 2014University of New Hampshire5414:33.589.81
ViewNENSA Eastern Cup Race #2DistanceJan 19, 2014Black Mountain, Maine5115:35.588.97
ViewNENSA Eastern Cup Race #2DistanceJan 18, 2014Black Mountain, Maine10226:53.089.35
ViewU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 10, 2014Soldier Hollow, UT1194:13.3988.2
ViewU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 10, 2014Soldier Hollow, UT114
ViewU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsDistanceJan 8, 2014Soldier Hollow, UT5114:11.081.43
ViewU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 5, 2014Soldier Hollow, UT1403:31.3885.29
ViewU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsSprintJan 5, 2014Soldier Hollow, UT140
ViewU.S. Cross Country ChampionshipsDistanceJan 4, 2014Soldier Hollow, UT10731:09.087.15
ViewNENSA Eastern Cup Race #1SprintDec 21, 2013Craftsbury Outdoor Center163:47.3787.62
ViewNENSA Eastern Cup Race #1SprintDec 21, 2013Craftsbury Outdoor Center17
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourDistanceMar 24, 2013Craftsbury10746:21.086.48
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourSprintMar 23, 2013CraftsburyX9
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourSprintMar 23, 2013CraftsburyX94:09.8183.64
ViewCraftsbury Spring TourDistanceMar 22, 2013Craftsbury3.6611:48.484.12