Details for: Casey Dyck 12874 Club: Foothills Nordic Ski Club Most Recent Season: 2008 / 2009

Points List for Casey Dyck

ViewPeriod 3DistanceSeedingFeb 4, 2009Feb 4, 20107257277.29Details
ViewPeriod 2DistanceSeedingDec 23, 2008Dec 23, 20097170881.64Details
ViewPeriod 1DistanceSeedingNov 10, 2008Nov 10, 20097168981.64Details
ViewPeriod 5DistanceSeedingApr 25, 2008Apr 25, 20097168781.64Details
ViewNST Selection List #2DistanceSelectionApr 25, 2008Apr 25, 200958182.38Details
ViewNTDC - 1 BestDistanceAdhocMay 1, 2008Apr 1, 2009111783.8Details
ViewPeriod 4DistanceSeedingMar 4, 2008Mar 4, 20097135883.65Details
ViewPeriod 3DistanceSeedingFeb 3, 2008Feb 3, 20097117984.94Details
ViewPeriod 2 2008-09 Int'lDistanceSeedingDec 23, 2007Dec 23, 20087112285.11Details
ViewPeriod 2 2008-09 CAN+USADistanceAdhocDec 23, 2007Dec 23, 2008712385.11Details
View2008-09 List 1DistanceSeedingNov 10, 2007Nov 10, 2008798885.59Details
View2008-09 List 1SprintSeedingNov 10, 2007Nov 10, 20084100385.8Details
ViewPeriod 5 FinalDistanceSeedingApr 30, 2007Apr 30, 2008797585.59Details
ViewPeriod 5 FinalSprintSeedingApr 30, 2007Apr 30, 20084100685.8Details
ViewPeriod 4 Men's DistanceDistanceSeedingMar 10, 2007Mar 10, 20087105884.51Details
ViewPeriod 4 Men's SprintSprintSeedingMar 10, 2007Mar 10, 2008499885.8Details
ViewPeriod 3 Men's DistanceDistanceSeedingJan 29, 2007Jan 29, 20087114383.73Details
ViewPeriod 3 Men's SprintsSprintSeedingJan 29, 2007Jan 29, 2008497985.8Details
ViewPeriod 2 2008DistanceSeedingDec 20, 2006Dec 20, 2007797984.99Details
ViewPeriod 2 2008SprintSeedingDec 20, 2006Dec 20, 2007472787.64Details
ViewPeriod 1 2008DistanceSeedingApr 23, 2006Apr 23, 2007795284.64Details
ViewPeriod 1 2008SprintSeedingApr 23, 2006Apr 23, 2007452388.91Details
ViewNP Period 5DistanceSeedingApr 23, 2006Apr 23, 2007795184.64Details
ViewNP Period 5SprintSeedingApr 23, 2006Apr 23, 2007452288.91Details
ViewNP Period 4SprintSeedingMar 14, 2006Mar 14, 2007449888.91Details
ViewNP Period 4DistanceSeedingMar 14, 2006Mar 14, 2007796284.64Details
ViewNP Period 3SprintSeedingFeb 14, 2006Feb 14, 2007448688.91Details
ViewNP Period 3DistanceSeedingFeb 14, 2006Feb 14, 2007795184.57Details
ViewNP Period 2SprintSeedingDec 20, 2005Dec 20, 2006446388.02Details
ViewNP Period 2DistanceSeedingDec 20, 2005Dec 20, 20067109382.66Details
ViewNP Period 1SprintSeedingOct 1, 2005Oct 1, 2006444788.05Details
ViewNP Period 1DistanceSeedingOct 1, 2005Oct 1, 20067113182.08Details
ViewNP Period 5SprintSeedingApr 24, 2005Apr 24, 2006444688.05Details
ViewNP Period 5DistanceSeedingApr 24, 2005Apr 24, 20067113082.08Details
ViewNP Period 4SprintSeedingFeb 27, 2005Feb 27, 2006430689.92Details
ViewNP Period 4DistanceSeedingFeb 27, 2005Feb 27, 2006768485.99Details
ViewNP Period 3SprintSeedingJan 23, 2005Jan 23, 2006425790.56Details
ViewNP Period 3DistanceSeedingJan 23, 2005Jan 23, 2006765886.36Details
ViewNP Period 2SprintSeedingDec 19, 2004Dec 19, 2005422990.79Details
ViewNP Period 2DistanceSeedingDec 19, 2004Dec 19, 2005750787.29Details
ViewNP Period 1SprintSeedingOct 1, 2004Oct 1, 2005417991.57Details
ViewNP Period 1DistanceSeedingOct 1, 2004Oct 1, 2005741988.07Details

Races for Casey Dyck

ViewUniversity of Denver InviteDistanceFeb 7, 2009Winter Park, CO152547:41.682.85
ViewUniversity of Denver InviteDistanceFeb 6, 2009Winter Park, CO102838:30.379.86
ViewOwl Creek ChaseDistanceJan 17, 2009Aspen, CO25361:00:06.283.8
ViewOwl Creek ChaseDistanceJan 16, 2009Aspen, CO104031:29.681.81
ViewUniversity of Alaska InviteDistanceJan 11, 2009Anchorage, AK205747:21.979.71
ViewUniversity of Alaska InviteDistanceJan 10, 2009Anchorage, AK105648:12.081.68
ViewUS Cross Country ChampionshipsDistanceJan 5, 2009Anchorage, AK109029:14.681.74
ViewNCAA Championships<DistanceMar 7, 2008Bozeman, MT<20301:08:12.584.23
ViewNCAA Championships<DistanceMar 5, 2008Bozeman, MT<101432:01.889.45
ViewMontana State University Invite<DistanceFeb 23, 2008Bozeman, MT<20131:07:49.883.57
ViewMontana State University Invite<DistanceFeb 22, 2008Bozeman, MT<101428:25.985.8
ViewUniversity of New Mexico Invite<DistanceFeb 9, 2008Red River, NM<5814:13.485.75
ViewUniversity of New Mexico Invite<DistanceFeb 8, 2008Red River, NM<102133:46.681.98
ViewWestern State Invite<DistanceFeb 2, 2008Crested Butte, CO<152139:05.182.69
ViewWestern State Invite<DistanceFeb 1, 2008Crested Butte, CO<102331:45.083.23
ViewUniversity of Colorado Invitational<DistanceJan 20, 2008Winter Park, CO<153043:28.983.71
ViewUniversity of Colorado Invitational<DistanceJan 19, 2008Winter Park, CO<102929:11.381.14
ViewUniversity of Utah Invitational<DistanceJan 12, 2008Soldier Hollow, UT<102930:21.182.89
ViewUniversity of Utah Invitational<DistanceJan 11, 2008Soldier Hollow, UT<20288:05.419.99
ViewSuperTour Opener<DistanceNov 24, 2007West Yellowstone, NT<163741:38.786.64
ViewSuperTour Opener<SprintNov 23, 2007West Yellowstone, NT<1223:26.4188.46
ViewSuperTour Opener<SprintNov 23, 2007West Yellowstone, NT<122
ViewUNR Invitational<DistanceFeb 24, 2007Soda Springs, CA<152947:23.479.08
ViewUNR Invitational<DistanceFeb 23, 2007Soda Springs, CA<101229:23.085.15
ViewUNM Race<DistanceFeb 10, 2007Red River, NM<101128:48.685.02
ViewUNM Race<DistanceFeb 9, 2007Red River, NM<101932:18.182.49
ViewCU Invitational<DistanceFeb 3, 2007Steamboat Springs, CO<152551:41.581.74
ViewCU Invitational<DistanceFeb 2, 2007Steamboat Springs, CO<102132:09.782.2
ViewMSU Invitational<DistanceJan 20, 2007Bohart Ranch, MT<20301:10:29.083.94
ViewMSU Invitational<DistanceJan 19, 2007Bohart Ranch, MT<102027:32.684.09
ViewUtah Invitational<DistanceJan 14, 2007Soldier Hollow, UT<151444:49.884.93
ViewUtah Invitational<DistanceJan 13, 2007Soldier Hollow, UT<102432:33.780.83
ViewUS Cross Country Championships<SprintJan 6, 2007Houghton, MI<1513:08.2990.41
ViewUS Cross Country Championships<DistanceJan 4, 2007Houghton, MI<155845:04.485.13
ViewUS Cross Country Championships<DistanceJan 3, 2007Houghton, MI<107330:38.580.05
ViewWest Yellowstone COC<DistanceNov 25, 2006West Yellowstone, MT<153741:55.984.19
ViewWest Yellowstone COC<SprintNov 24, 2006West Yellowstone, MT<1201:56.8191.05
ViewUNR Invite<DistanceFeb 24, 2006Soda Springs<201552:36.884.7
ViewUNR Invite<DistanceFeb 23, 2006Soda Springs<102129:12.181.09
ViewWestern State Invite<DistanceFeb 11, 2006Crested Butte<101532:58.980.15
ViewWestern State Invite<DistanceFeb 10, 2006Crested Butte<101128:55.384.4
ViewCU Invite<DistanceJan 28, 2006Steamboat Springs<15221:06:35.678.1
ViewCU Invite<DistanceJan 27, 2006Steamboat Springs<102331:01.078.83
ViewMSU Invite<DistanceJan 15, 2006Montana<152653:32.582.3
ViewMSU Invite<DistanceJan 14, 2006Montana<102335:46.479.83
ViewU.S. Cross Country Championships<DistanceJan 8, 2006Soldier Hollow<108530:09.280.26
ViewU.S. Cross Country Championships<DistanceJan 7, 2006Soldier Hollow<157646:37.781.69
ViewU.S. Cross Country Championships<SprintJan 5, 2006Soldier Hollow<1232:33.4188.59
ViewWest Yellowstone, MT COC<DistanceNov 26, 2005West Yellowstone<105942:10.679.85
ViewWest Yellowstone, MT COC<SprintNov 25, 2005West Yellowstone<1182:13.9891.11
ViewSuperTour/Spring Series<DistanceApr 2, 2005Winter Park, CO<Classic152443:00.388.41
ViewSuperTour/Spring Series<DistanceMar 31, 2005Winter Park, CO<Free102027:55.886.94
ViewSuperTour/Spring Series<SprintMar 29, 2005Winter Park, CO<Free1.5202:54.4788.89
ViewSuperTour/Spring Series<DistanceMar 26, 2005Winter Park, CO<Pursuit2x7.52846:00.584.9
ViewCanadian Championships Overall Pursuit Sr JR Men<DistanceMar 2, 2005Otway<Free151:00:44.687.03
ViewCanadian Senior Championship Pursuit Men<DistanceMar 1, 2005Otway Ski Club, Prince George<Classic7.520:24.685.56
View2005 CDN BIRKEBEINER FEB 12 CLASSIC 31K MEN<DistanceFeb 12, 2005EDMONTON STRATHCONA<Classic311:27:2985.98
ViewEastern Canadians JM SM MM<DistanceJan 30, 2005Relaise de Plein Air<Free1535:19.784.58
ViewEastern Canadian Champs SM<DistanceJan 29, 2005Relais de Plein Air<Classic1030:14.683.52
ViewSuperTour<SprintJan 26, 2005Telemark, WI<Classic1142:28.985
ViewSuperTour<DistanceJan 23, 2005Mt. Itasca, MN<Classic101928:45.785.68
ViewSuperTour<DistanceJan 22, 2005Mt. Itasca, MN<Free102028:42.882.77
ViewSuperTour/Capitol Square Sprints<SprintJan 16, 2005Madison, WI<Classic162:03.089.82
ViewHAYWOOD CANADA CUP PURSUIT<DistanceJan 6, 2005CANMORE NORDIC CENTRE<Classic1540:57.388.26
ViewHaywood NorAm SM Dec 19<DistanceDec 19, 2004Mont Ste Anne<Free1535:07.288.72
ViewHAYWOOD NORAM CUP CLASSIC<DistanceDec 18, 2004MONT SAINTE ANNE<Classic1542:02.584.69
ViewHaywood NorAm Sprint Mont Ste Anne<SprintDec 15, 2004Mont Ste Anne<Free102:12.392.66
ViewHAYWOOD NORAM CUP SKATE<DistanceDec 12, 2004FORET MONTMORENCY<Free301:26:05.786.73
ViewHAYWOOD NORAM CUP CLASSIC<DistanceDec 11, 2004FORET MONTMORENCY<Classic1037:02.584.52
ViewHAYWOOD CANADA CUP MEN SPRINT 1.2K CLASSIC<SprintNov 28, 2004SOVEREIGN LAKE<Classic1.202:41.991.36
ViewHAYWOOD CANADA CUP MEN PURSUIT7.5KCLASSIC/7.5K FREE<DistanceNov 27, 2004SOVEREIGN LAKE<Classic1544:50.787.49
ViewHAYWOOD CANADA CUP MEN 15K FREE<DistanceNov 25, 2004SOVEREIGN LAKE<Free1536:15.889.62
ViewALBERTA CUP #6 - MT. SHARK, AB - MEN 10K FREE MASS - SM, JM, JB, MM<DistanceMar 28, 2004Free10228:26.287.33
ViewALBERTA CUP #5 - MT. SHARK, AB - MEN 10K DBL PURS MASS - SM, JM<DistanceMar 27, 2004Classic10729:37.685.01
View2004 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - CHARLO, NB - MEN 30K FREE MASS - JM<DistanceMar 21, 2004Free3031:29:31.289.87
View2004 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - MEN 0.9K CLASSIC - SM, JM, JB<SprintMar 19, 2004Classic0.9802:10.992.49
View2004 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - CHARLO, NB - MEN 15K FREE PURSUIT - SM, JM<DistanceMar 17, 2004Free15181:01:21.989.69
View2004 NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIPS - CHARLO, NB - MEN 7.5K CLASSIC - SM, JM, JB<DistanceMar 16, 2004Classic7.52120:21.588.01
ViewWORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - STRYN, NOR - MEN 1.5K FREE SPRINT<SprintFeb 7, 2004Free1.5601:43.490.59
ViewWORLD JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS - STRYN, NOR - MEN 30K CLASSICAL MASS<DistanceFeb 3, 2004Classic30221:40:08.583.41
ViewNORAM, ORFORD, PQ - MEN 10K FREE - SM, JM<DistanceJan 11, 2004Free101928:20.687.71
ViewUS NATIONALS - RUMFORD, ME - MENS 10K FREE<DistanceJan 6, 2004Free103325:03.589.93
ViewUS NATIONALS - RUMFORD, ME - MENS 10K CLASSIC<DistanceJan 5, 2004Classic103828:15.789.03
ViewNORAM, WESTBANK, BC - OPEN MEN 30K CLASSIC (WORLD JR TRIALS)<DistanceDec 21, 2003Classic30301:35:53.785.51
ViewNORAM, WESTBANK, BC - OPEN MEN 10K FREE - SM, JM, MM<DistanceDec 20, 2003Free101827:23.488.05
ViewNORAM, WESTBANK, BC - OPEN MEN 1K FREE SPRINT<SprintDec 18, 2003Free1802:10.592.18
ViewNORAM, CALGARY, AB - OPEN MEN 10K FREE<DistanceDec 14, 2003Free101825:30.686.92
ViewNORAM, CALGARY, AB - OPEN MEN 1.1K CLASSIC SPRINTS<SprintDec 13, 2003Classic1.11202:37.391.14
ViewNORAM, SOVEREIGN LAKE, BC - 15K DUATHLON MASS - OPEN MEN<DistanceNov 30, 2003Classic151542:57.887.38
ViewNORAM, SOVEREIGN LAKE, BC - OPEN MEN 1K SPRINT<SprintNov 28, 2003Free11102:28.291.58
ViewNORAM, SOVEREIGN LAKE, BC - OPEN MEN 15K CLASSIC<DistanceNov 27, 2003Classic152943:5086.01
ViewCANADIAN CHAMPS, DUNTROON, ONT, SPRINT QUAL, UB, JB, JM, SM<SprintMar 8, 2003Free1.11302:21.988.75
ViewCANADIAN CHAMPS, DUNTROON, ONT, JM, SM<DistanceMar 6, 2003Classic30591:50:28.372.97
ViewALBERTA CUP #6, CAMROSE, JM, MM<DistanceFeb 17, 2003Free10132:19.486.9
ViewALBERTA CUP #5, CAMROSE, SPRINTS QUAL. JB. JM, SM, MM<SprintFeb 16, 2003Free1102:25.987.93
ViewALBERTA CUP #4, CAMROSE, JM, MM<DistanceFeb 15, 2003Classic15348:54.485.18
ViewCONT CUP MONT STE ANNE, QUE, OPEN MEN<DistanceJan 20, 2003Free153040:47.284.65
ViewCONT CUP MONT STE ANNE, QUE, OPEN MEN, JB<DistanceJan 19, 2003Classic104930:42.482.95
ViewALBERTA CUP #3, CANMORE, JB, JM, SM, MM<DistanceJan 5, 2003Classic101427:27.187.19
ViewALBERTA CUP #2, CANMORE, SPRINT QUAL JB, JM, SM, MM<SprintJan 4, 2003Free1302:33.390.38
ViewALBERTA CUP #1, CANMORE JB, JM, SM, MM<DistanceJan 3, 2003Free151436:49.685.33
ViewCONT CUP SOVEREIGN LAKES, OPEN MEN-PURSUIT(DUATHLON)<DistanceDec 8, 2002Free105031:04.683.15
ViewCONT CUP SOVEREIGN LAKES, BC, ALL MALES<SprintDec 6, 2002Free12301:29.591.21
ViewCONT CUP, SOVEREIGN LAKES, BC, OPEN MEN<DistanceDec 5, 2002Classic155353:52.182.04
ViewCANADA CUP, SOVEREIGN LAKE, BC, OPEN MEN<DistanceDec 1, 2002Free152448:40.381.26
ViewCANADA CUP, SOVEREIGN LAKE, BC, JM, SM<DistanceNov 30, 2002Classic101431:58.284.08
ViewARCTIC WINTER GAMES, GREENLAND, JB<DistanceMar 21, 2002Free10130:15.979.09
ViewARCTIC WINTER GAMES, GREENLAND, UB, JB<DistanceMar 19, 2002Classic5115:35.179.55
ViewCANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, CANMORE, AB, UB, JB<DistanceMar 10, 2002Free10329:5883.48
ViewCANADIAN CHAMPIONSHIPS, CANMORE, AB, JB, JM, SM<DistanceMar 8, 2002Classic155945:57.180.17
ViewAB CHAMPS, EDMONTON, UB, JB<DistanceFeb 2, 2002Classic10632:1173.17
ViewAB CHAMPS, EDMONTON, UB, JB<DistanceFeb 1, 2002Free7.5120:2778.67
ViewWORLD JUNIOR TRIALS/EASTERNS, CHARLO, NB, OPEN MEN<DistanceJan 8, 2002Classic22.1191:05:27.382.12
ViewWORLD JUNIOR TRIALS/EASTERNS, CHARLO, NB, ALL<SprintJan 6, 2002Free1.1802:46.585.02
ViewWORLD JUNIOR TRIALS/EASTERNS, CHARLO, NB, JB, JM, SM<DistanceJan 5, 2002Free9.72525:38.280.27
ViewMERRILL LYNCH CONT CUP, SILVER STAR, BC, JB<DistanceNov 25, 2001Free10328:46.877.29
ViewMADSHUS SPRINTS, SILVER STAR, BC, OPEN MEN<SprintNov 23, 2001Free13201:30.386.42
ViewMERRILL LYNCH CONT CUP, SILVER STAR, BC, UB,JB<DistanceNov 22, 2001Classic621:0075.92
ViewSHARKFEST, AB CUP #7, CANMORE, AB, JB, JM, SM, MM<DistanceApr 1, 2001Free10629:29.581.64
ViewSHARKFEST, AB CUP #7, CANMORE, AB, JB, JM, SM, MM<DistanceMar 31, 2001Classic101537:03.274.66
ViewCANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPS, VALCARTIER, QUE, SM, JM, JB<DistanceMar 25, 2001Free155742:53.682.97
ViewCANADIAN NATIONAL CHAMPS, VALCARTIER, QUE, JB, UB<DistanceMar 22, 2001Classic101234:35.379.46
ViewWESTERN CDNS/WORLD JR TRIALS, CANMORE, JB, JM, SM, MM<DistanceJan 13, 2001Classic103332:09.577.16
ViewWESTERN CDN/WRLD JR TRIALS, CANMORE, AB, JB<DistanceJan 11, 2001Free15144:49.872.27
ViewMERRILL LYNCH CONT. CUP, VERNON, BC, JB, UB<DistanceNov 26, 2000Free10731:56.266.9
ViewMERRILL LYNCH CONT. CUP, VERNON, BC, SM, MM<DistanceNov 23, 2000Classic106837:03.275.06
ViewSHARKFEST, ALBERTA, UB<DistanceMar 26, 2000Free10231:23.570.14
ViewSHARKFEST, ALBERTA, UB<DistanceMar 25, 2000Classic5318:4368.19
ViewARCTIC WINTER GAMES, WHITEHORSE, YUK, UB<DistanceMar 9, 2000Free7.5120:56.166.32
ViewARCTIC WINTER GAMES, WHITEHORSE, YUK, UB, JB<DistanceMar 7, 2000Classic5214:47.273.95
ViewCANADIAN JUNIORS, THUNDER BAY, ONT, UB, JB<DistanceFeb 27, 2000Classic7.5620:50.577.13
ViewCANADIAN JUNIORS, THUNDER BAY, ONT, UB<DistanceFeb 23, 2000Classic101434:55.868.24
ViewCANADIAN JUNIORS, THUNDER BAY, ONT, UB<DistanceFeb 21, 2000Free5414:42.570.48
ViewALBERTA CUP #6, GRANDE PRAIRIE, UG<DistanceFeb 6, 2000Free5114:5264.36
ViewALBERTA CUP #5, GRANDE PRAIRIE, UB<DistanceFeb 5, 2000Classic10133:3163.75
ViewALBERTA CUP #4, HINTON, AB, UB<DistanceJan 16, 2000Free5215:02.665.85
ViewCANADIAN JUNIOR CHAMPS., BULKLEY VALLEY, BC, UB,JB<DistanceMar 13, 1999Free7.53121:48.273.46
ViewCANADIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, BULKLEY VALLEY, BC, UB<DistanceMar 11, 1999Free10528:17.772.05
ViewCANADIAN JUNIOR CHAMPIONSHIPS, BULKLEY VALLEY, BC, UB<DistanceMar 9, 1999Classic52216:3767.38